Crichton Park Elementary

School Supply List

School Supplies List
Crichton Park 2020-21

Dear Families,

For the upcoming 2020-21 school year, we are doing things a little differently with school supplies. Given the uncertainty of what school will look like in the Fall, and the financial impact Covid-19 may have had on families, we are asking for a streamlined, simple list of school supplies to get us going.

● Please bring all items to school on the first day inside your child’s kit box
● Please label all supplies with your child’s first and last name
● Your child’s teacher will reach out directly to you in the first few weeks of school with a simple list of remaining items needed such as scribblers and folders.
● We will likely need these supplies to be replenished, and will let you know at a later time.

Quantity Supplies

1 Kit box to house all supplies
1 Package of pencils– please send in 4 sharpened pencils in the kit box and keep remaining ones at home
1 White eraser
1 Pencil sharpener
1 Package coloured pencils
1 Package markers (thick)
1 24 package of crayons (primary only)
1 Large glue stick
1 Pair scissors
1 Clear sturdy plastic metric ruler *students in grades 4-6 only*
1 Pair of sneakers (required for gym and indoor use).  These are to be left at school and used only as indoor sneakers.


Wishing you all a safe and happy summer.
Yours in Learning, 
The CPS Team